Should you have a writing schedule?

Greetings fellow mammals!

Personally I do not have a writing schedule right now. (To be honest I get headaches so it making having a schedule hard)

There are times when I do stick to a schedule to finish a chapter or other goal. More often than not I go back and forth.

I have put together a small list of pros and cons to having a writing schedule. Feel free to comment on your thoughts and decide which is better.

(These are all from personal experience I am not advising you to have a schedule or not)


1. It gives you a routine

A good writing routine is something I think most writers want. Routines can be hard to keep. There will always be days when you don’t have the time to write. If you make writing a priority you will come back every day no matter what. This will help you develop your story and characters in a natural way.

2. Writing becomes easier

If you write when the mood takes you it might be hard to get writing. You have to get in the proper mindset. By writing every day you are always in that mindset. Writing more at a time becomes easier so you get more done in less time.

3. Everyday you come closer to finishing your book

If you write every day than with each rotation of the earth your story gets closer to being finished. If you only write 1 word a day then your story is 1 word closer to being completed.


1. The quality might not be as good

Personally when it come to writing I prefer quality over quantity. Writing a 1,000 words in a day is really good. Sometimes I go back read what I wrote and there is a lot that needs to be fixed. I would rather spend a little more time writing than a lot more time editing.

2. It can cause stress

If you are having a bad day the thought of writing can be comforting. (All day you think about what part you are going to work on)

Other times you just want to relax. Writing when stressed can lead to very little getting done.

3. You might get bored

I easily get bored and lose interest in things. By writing every day you can get bored of your story. When I don’t write for a day or two then come back often I am more interested in finishing a chapter or scene.

Choose what works best for you!

To be honest I think every writer finds what works best for them with experience. There is no right or wrong way to write a book. Do what feels right to you and finish your book. Until next time fellow mammals!

2 thoughts on “Should you have a writing schedule?

  1. I think schedules do work. However, I always give myself leeway to change things up. For example, my summer schedule doesn’t work for the winter. I might run at 6am in the summer before the heat hits and not write until lunch time. In midwinter, it’s pitch dark at 6am, and I’m not going to run in the dark. But it’s a great time to write.:-)

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