Try this writing trick if your story is stuck

Greetings fellow mammals!

Have you ever gotten to the point where almost everything in your book feels wrong? Maybe you are not quite sure how to fix it?

No matter where you are in the writing process try this writing trick to fix your story.

The writing trick – Think back to the moment your story idea came to you

Whenever I get stuck with a plot or my story feels wrong I always do this. Think back to the moment you decided to write the book. How did you envision it then? What changes have you made?

Often by going back I remember the excitment of the idea. How I pictured it being. What the characters were like. What did you want to happen? How did it end? What was the climax? (I often do this to help figure out my endings)

This trick has helped me with multiple different stories and works every time. Yes your first idea has changed a lot but sometimes you need look at the unanswered questions from the beginning. No matter how much you story has changed you will still find your original idea hidden away.

Combine your original idea with your current version and see what happens. If you are feeling tired and having troubles focusing then remember the excitment of that moment. How your heart pounded as a slow smile spread across your face. You couldn’t decide whether to tell someone your idea or keep it to yourself for a while.

Forget what you think should happen see where the story could go. When it comes to the imagination the sky is the limit. Let your imagination loose and see where your story will end up.

Always remember the moment a story idea was created even if you haven’t written the book yet. Until next time fellow mammals!

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