5 ways to include character backstory

Greetings fellow mammals!

In every book a quite a few characters need to have a past. This makes them seem more real however it can be tricky finding ways to include multiple backstories without being redundant. Here are a few ideas of ways to include character backstories.

1. Hint as you go along

This I think is a favorite for main character’s if their life is shrouded in mystery. Let the reader slowly learn new details as the story progresses.

2. Gossip

Gossip is something we should try to avoid as people however it can be very helpful in writing. In a gossipy chat the reader can discover true and fake things about a character.

3. The big reveal

I would suggest this for villain’s however it can easily be used for anyone. An argument could lead to a sudden confession. A friend finally reveals what they know.

4. Have a character who knows everything

This goes along with gossip. Create a character who’s knows everyone’s secrets. Have that person elude to someone’s history.

5. Find clues

One option for discovering the backstory of a mysterious character could be through clues. A old letter tells the tragic tail.

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