9 Reasons why I don’t write a 1,000 words a day

(Quick disclaimer this works very well for me but that does not mean this will help you. Always take any advice you hear with a pinch of salt.)

Greeting fellow mammals today I would like to point out why I believe have a thousand words a day goal is bad for you book.

So here are 9 reasons why I don’t believe it’s a good idea for most writers to have a 1,000 words a day goal.

1. It gives you unnecessary pressure.

2. You will make more mistakes in the long run.

3. It leads to procrastination.

4. You begin to doubt yourself.

5. Editing and revising will be harder.

6. Every word counts only when every word makes sense.

7. You need to feel free to take a vacation from your book.

8. Is it really a realistic goal?

9. It rushes the process.

So please pull up a chair pour yourself a cup of cocoa and enjoy…

1. It gives you unnecessary pressure

I never read any blog posts when I first started writing and I am so glad that I learned though trial and error. There is so much useful but contradicting information out there. When I did start reading writing advise I was surprised to see to many writers say you should have a writing goal of a 1,000 words or more. To be honest I write a couple hundred words when I write.

If I had tried giving myself such goals when I first started writing seriously I don’t think I would have so many books completed. Writing under pressure is not a good idea. Occasionally pressure does come with writing but writing under constant anxiety is not a good idea.

2. You will make more mistakes in the long run

By writing fast and in large quantities you make more mistakes. Yes your book might get done faster but other parts of the process will take longer. For me personally I would rather take some more time writing the first draft and less time editing.

In writing you want quality over quantity.

3. It leads to procrastination

Hands up if you have ever procrastinated on writing a book (My hand is touching the sky) By telling yourself that so many words need to be written you might tell yourself there will be more time tomorrow.

The truth is there might never be more time tomorrow. So take advantage of today and just write a few word. (Trust me you will be thankful when you go to write later and a bit more of that scene is finished)

4. You begin to doubt yourself

New and experienced writer’s will often doubt themselves. Setting hard goals and not achieving them can make you doubt your abilities. Set small goals and increase your daily word count naturally. Give it a little time and a 1,000 words a day writing goal could become reality but only when your ready.

Slow and steady win the race!

5. Editing and revising will be harder

I have often talked about how skipping steps at the beginning will make editing and revising harder. Trust me revising takes time and dedication. Editing can get very boringggggggg!!!

(After reading your manuscript so many times you loose track on which version your editing)

Take your time and just have fun. Writing is first and foremost for you. Who cares what other people think as long as you are happy with your work.

6. Every word counts only when every word makes sense

An important lesson I have learned in writing is your word count is very important. Ever kind of book is determined by the word count. I like to know how many chapters are in my book then I figure out how many words are needed for each chapter.

Yes writing so much everyday will help you get to your word count faster but how much have you rambled? Are you repeating yourself?

Every word only counts when every word makes sense. Your book will shrink after editing. Make sure every word is needed.

7. You need to feel free to take a vacation from any book

Every so often you need to turn of the computer and walk away. If I were writing that much a day it would be hard to come back.

Don’t make yourself stay up late at night because you need a few hundred more words. (You need rest for the next day) Write whenever you can but writing when you are groggy can be interesting.

(I once woke up early in the morning and wrote a chapter of my first short story. I thought it was good until the next day when I read it. Morale of the story DO NOT WRITE WHEN YOU ARE TO TIRED WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN)

So if things are in the way put the book down for a bit and write a little bit when you can. 

8. Is it really a realistic goal?

Is it really realistic to write so much everyday?

Personally it’s not a realistic goal for me. If that’s works for you then my hat’s off to you. My advise to any writer thinking they need large goal is start small. There is nothing more discouraging then setting a goal at the beginning of the week and not achieving it.

Try a hundred words to start then who knows maybe in time you will be able to write a couple hundred.

9. It rushes the process

By forcing yourself to write so much a day it’s inevitable that most of the words will need to be changed. If you go a little slower then not as many will need to be changed. Rushing will only lead to more mistakes and writing will not be as fun.

What’s the point in writing a book if you are not having fun?

(Okay there will be times it’s not as fun but for the most part it’s one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done)

So to conclude this chat I do hope these tips will help you complete your novel, novella, short story or any other book you have hidden away inside your head. Until next time!

(If there is any other step in the writing process you want my opinion on feel free to let me know in the comments below)

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