How to get out of writer’s block fast

(Quick disclaimer this works very well for me but that does not mean this will help you. Always take any advice you hear with a pinch of salt)

Greetings fellow mammals. A couple weeks ago I had to force myself out of some writer’s block. (Really the most annoying thing about writing)

Now that I have 5 short stories done I have been editing. At times editing is fun however most of the time it’s really boring. (Going through my book looking for repetitive words gets old after the first book) so today I want to share some tips to help you get put of writers block fast.

So sit down pour yourself a cup of cocoa and here are 10 ways to help you get out of writer’s block fast.

1. Create an atmosphere

Writing a book takes time, patience and quiet. You cannot create mythical worlds with to many distractions.

Problem- No motivation to write?

My solution- Set aside a space in your home and dedicate it to writing. (It doesn’t need to be anything special. I write in a corner of my room on a small desk)

Problem- Can’t concentrate?

My solution- Try listening to music. I usually listen to certain music depending on my problem. Classical to help get started. (My personal favorite is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. As the song gets faster I tend to write to fast for my brain)

If I am getting bored but need to write several hundred more words then I play Metallica.

Whenever it’s getting late but I need to finish a chapter then listening to some Journey or Boston helps me get through all the yawning.

2. Go back to the beginning

If your plot seems stuck and the thought of writing makes you grumble then go back the beginning.

What made you want to write the book in the first place? Why that character?

Read through your notes. Put your feet up and read the first few chapters of your book. No matter how mangled and tangled a plot gets a little time can fix it. (Rewrites can be a wonderful thing)

3. Find inspiration

No artist can create art without inspiration. What colors make you feel at home? Is there a song that makes you smile?

Take a walk and ponder the points of your plot. Write a scene full of your favorite things. Go back to the things that inspire you and a new idea will come. Find your inspiration and see what happens.

4. Every word counts

No matter what book you are writing your word count is always important. However don’t feel discouraged if you only write less then a hundred words a day. (I used to write a hundred a day in a few hours but in time writing more at one time got much easier)

Write a sentence today then maybe a paragraph tomorrow. Getting out of writers block takes time and commitment. Start small and work your way up to a larger goal. In no time your fingers will be typing to fast for your brain.

5. Give it time

Occasionally writers block comes when we are tired and need a break. There is nothing wrong with taking a small vacation from your book. Leave it alone and let your imagination have a rest. Go watch a show for an hour or so. Take a walk. Have a nice long bath. Whether you need a few hours break or a few days away from you plot is up to you.

Come back with a fresh perspective then things will make more sense.

6. Just keep writing

Whether boredom, fear or doubt are keeping your fingers from typing the only to succeed is to keep going. Write one word at a time.

If one chapter seems slow then go to a different one. Leave the beginning alone and focus on the ending. Even if you only write a hundred words or so your book is a hundred words closer to being finished. Every book started with one word.

7. Start another project

Perhaps your problem is the book you are currently working on? Try taking a short break from it and trying to write something new?

As you think about developing new. Characters you might see the flaws in your other ones. Or maybe by writing a new plot you will see pot holes in your other works. Step away rather then trying to make your book better. Given a little time you can fix the mistakes faster and more efficiently.

8. Why did you start writing that book

No matter who you are or what genre every writer tells stories for a reason. Maybe you always loved reading and what to write for other people? Perhaps you want to make it a career? There’s a story deep inside of you that needs to come out?

No matter the reason there was a message you wanted to send. An idea you had to share. Sit down and remember what made you wat to write in the first place.

You have come to far to give up on that book now.

9. What’s really keeping you from writing?

Sometimes writers block comes from a busy week or to many late nights. However fear and doubt can be keeping you from writing.

Problem- Are you afraid to share your work with other people?

My solution- Don’t care what other people think this book is yours no matter what. Only you can decide what is going to happen. Write that book for yourself. Nobody else needs to read it unless you say so.

Problem- You don’t think it’s good enough?

My solution- keep writing and try revising the parts that seem to be showing down the plot. Have your character do something crazy. Blow something up. Try thinking outside of the box and maybe a solution will present itself.

10. Remember what works for next time

So to conclude writers block is never really gone. It may come knocking in a week, month or year. Remember what helps you out of those pesky writing slumps for the next time.

I do hope these tips will help you complete your novel, novella, short story or any other book you have hidden away inside your head. Until next time!

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